Bigg boss fame Hariteja visits Ferty 9 hospital

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Bigg boss fame Hariteja visits Ferty 9 hospital

Bigg boss fame and actor Hariteja pays a surprise visit to Ferty 9 and meets founder Dr Jyothi.

Ferty 9 is no 1 fertility centre in Hyderabad (as acknowledged by times of India) founded by Dr Jyothi. It has a mission to provide cost-effective and high-quality fertility services to deliver healthy babies.

Actor Hari Teja waits eagerly to meet the doctor and expresses her happiness. She says, “It’s Ferty 9 everywhere. We heard a lot about you. It’s a really scary thing for couples to not have kids. You are giving a lot of hope to many such people and I really appreciate your efforts in organising the charity shows to bring awareness about fertility issues and the solutions you provide at low cost”.

Dr Jyothi smiles with a warm welcome and feels thankful for the kind gesture.

While conversing in an informal chit chat, Hari Teja addresses factors like Stress, job, PCOD (Polycystic ovarian disease) etc resulting in the infertility issue. While agreeing to it, the doctor emphasises that every couple should have a natural conception and says that it mainly depends on the age.

On this note, Dr Jyothi explains the statistics about the right age for pregnancy

Not only physically, a women should be ready mentally. Hence, on an average, the best age for pregnancy is 25-27. From 30, the bell curve representing the potential for pregnancy reduces from 30 and at 40 it crashes. On the same note, Hari Teja explains she planned her first baby by 27 and is glad to be at the right potential age.

Hari Teja compliments Dr Jyothi on her beauty. While the pleased doctor explains that her inner happiness at work and pregnancy success rate is the driving force behind her inner beauty. She also acknowledges and appreciates her team’s support right from the Staff, nurses, andrologists, endocrinologists and other 7 gynaecologists.

After that the actress requests for a visit around the premises and meets one of the doctor’s clients who shares the details about their treatment and pregnancy experience.

Dr Jyothi later explains to Hari Teja about the latest technology related to IVF and sperm processing. She says that 25 million sperm count out of which 40% is the general ideal motility rate while the rest are stagnant. “Sperms undergo morphological tests and those that have movement are picked up by sterile catheter and injected into the uterus for conception”, she adds.

Then Hari Teja visits IUI (Intrauterine insemination), operation theatre and interacts with one of the patients, Triveni who had an issue with eggs in the tube and POCD. The couple also expressed their happiness that the fertility solution was provided at a very low cost and felt extremely grateful to Dr Jyothi.

Dr Jyothi introduces endocrinologist Dr Shravya who deals with embryo development procedures and then shows the OPU.

Before entering Hari Tejas asks, “Is IVF a painful procedure?

For which the doctor replies wisely that it is a painful and pleasurable experience to become a mother and is inevitable. However, she explains about egg picking, a time taking process, which is given under anaesthesia and says it’s a painless procedure. While Hariteja looks delighted by the wise answer. Later both cladded in head caps and gowns enter the OPU theatre where usually the baby’s birth takes place.

The doctor explains about egg pick up, blastocyst, (fifth day of embryo development) and inner mass development, (the stage when all the organs grow). In this regard, she also busts the myth saying that there is no difference in the physical or internal appearance of the newborn baby via IVF vs natural baby. To support the statement, the doctor quotes an example saying that the first IVF baby was a girl and she is currently 48 yrs old and also had a healthy baby.

“I heard you conducted many free camps. when and where were they held?”, asks Hariteja.

Dr Jyothi replies, “It was founded 8 years ago along with three gynaecologists. We used to go to periphery places every week and held 1000’s camps at Siddipet, Bodhan, Achampet etc so far. We used to create awareness about the misconceptions related to egg and sperm fertilisation etc”.

Hari Teja feels proud and also lauds the doctor. In this context, she acknowledges the recent live IVF demonstration that garnered 2 million views within a couple of days. While speaking about it, the doctor was elated yet emphasized that how many are truly educated and aware is what matters. In this regard, she also clears the myth that no rest is needed after IVF. To the unknown, many people have a misconception that IVF is a painful procedure. Hari Teja agrees with her and suggests the viewers not keep such myths in mind and happily visit Ferty 9, south India’s no 1 fertility centre.

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