About Us

thenewsqube.com is the official website of NEWSQUBE, CQUBE MEDIA, an Indian regional Telugu News YouTube Channel. NEWSQUBE is an Indian regional Telugu news YouTube Channel launched in 2010. NEWSQUBE is one of the leading regional YouTube channels. With a tagline of ‘No 1 Channel for Latest News’. The Channel that presents the complete picture of news stories that are relevant in a vivid and insightful manner.  NEWSQUBE has been at the forefront of breaking important news stories as they take place in the world to its viewers. NEWSQUBE believes news is an important tool in heralding a change in society.

Our chairman promises that their content and the way of treatment will be different from other channels. NEWSQUBE’s parent company Owns more channels. All the channels and the digital arm of CQUBE MEDIA are very popular among Telugu diaspora all over India. NEWSQUBE Digital presence comprises thenewsqube.com, various YouTube channels and social media.